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Meet Our New Partner Family, the Hubbards!

Paula and Robert Hubbard heard about Seneca Habitat for Humanity from St. Mary’s Church, where they are parishioners. Robert explained that the trailer they were living in was not in good shape, which is why they wanted to apply for a Habitat for Humanity house. “The roof was leaking, the floor in the bathroom was caving in before I repaired it for the landlord...” so they were spending a lot of money on necessary repairs just to make the trailer habitable– repairs that never seemed to end and were causing a tremendous cost burden on this young, disabled couple.

With construction well underway on their future Fifth Avenue home, Paula and Robert are looking forward to starting their new life as homeowners. They are so excited that they have already invested over 160 hours of sweat equity in constructing their home.

When asked how they like working alongside the construction crew, Robert said, “I love it! It’s like it’s changed everything about me. I’ve learned all kinds of new’s even picked up to even get me side jobs to do on the side.” Both Paula and Robert laugh as they discuss the jobs they do best on the site.

“Paula does most of the work” Robert states proudly, speaking of the actual hammering and construction jobs, “except I go down during the week to clean to get the dust because of me being the clean freak.” Both are very proud of the skills they’ve obtained and of the difference these sweat equity hours have made in their lives. Paula has a real knack for construction and has found that she is very good with her hands. She loves doing the work and has picked up the skills on the job site rather quickly.

The construction crew chair, Glenn Ritzenthaler, speaks very highly of her and the work she has done. “Paula is a fast learner. She is not afraid to try new things and she doesn’t give up.”

Michele Bighouse, Executive Director of Seneca HFH, can see the difference the program has made in the Hubbards’ lives. Their enthusiasm is contagious and has infected Seneca HFH volunteers as well. “This is a wonderful couple for Habitat–they are so excited about their house and the program– and so very thankful. Almost everyday, Robert goes out to check on the clean and see what else he can do to help. It’s nice to see a couple so enthused about learning, and excited about their future home. They truly appreciate the work our volunteers are doing, which means a lot to our volunteers.”

Dan Galaba, Board President, construction crew member and the Hubbard’s support person, has been working alongside the Hubbards since they were selected for homeownership. Robert is very thankful for the help Dan has provided. “Dan has influenced a lot of things since I have met him with his religion aspects...he’s always told me never to give up with everyday tasks. He said believe in God and everything will fall together,” and he states, it has. “Everything has fallen together with the people here in Tiffin, it’s like a dream that I never imagined could come true...through Habitat... it’s a dream come true.”

Seneca Habitat for Humanity Supports "Cars for Homes"

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Donate a car to Cars for Homes™ and help build houses

Your vehicle donation can help a family build a home, and the hope of a better life! Car, truck, boat and RV donations help Habitat for Humanity build houses in partnership with families in need of decent, affordable shelter. Donate a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to Cars for Homes™, Habitat for Humanity’s car donation program, by calling 1-877-277-4344 toll free or online at


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